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The joy of mission

The disciples returned from the mission that Jesus had sent them on full of joy, sharing stories of how what Jesus had told them to do, had actually worked!

The vulnerability of mission

Being told to ‘Go’ by Jesus would have filled the 72 disciples with a range of emotions. They would go with a sense of vulnerability.

The message of mission

We need to trust God for the seemingly impossible to happen, whilst telling people that Jesus is near.

This changes everything

Jesus said, ‘Love me first, then love others.’ And it’s easy for me to love Him, but the love I have for Christ must spill over to those I see every day…

How To Start A Movement

I recently came across this short video from TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design). Although it’s a talk from ‘secular’ society, I think it has a very powerful message for the church too. We need to work together as a body if we want to see a movement start up.

Light Of The World

Light Of The World

This is an amazingly powerful stop-motion video set to the song In This World by Enter The Worship Circle. Watch it – I think you’ll like it…

The Missional Church… Simple

A 2-minute explanation of what a “missional church” is. [youtube]arxfLK_sd68[/youtube]