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Pentecost: Spirit-filled And Brave

Pentecost – the reminder that the Church’s adventures began when the Spirit filled ordinary people and they found bravery and courage they couldn’t have imagined.

For many people around the world, calling yourself a Christian is still a risky thing. But the same Holy Spirit causes them (and us) to stand firm, even when things don’t go well.

We were joined by special guest Rev Lee Proudlove from Open Doors – a group that connects us with Christians under the pressure of persecution.

Pentecost Sunday

A joint Pentecost service with St James, as we celebrated this important event and prayed together that the Spirit will re-fill us all again.

No Megaphone Required

Our different dialects and accents can make us feel like we belong, but they can also make us feel like we’re judged and misunderstood. It was no different for the early church, yet they were able to be heard and understood.

Sunday Playlist: Songs for Acts 2:1-12

It’s my hope and prayer for you (and for myself) that these songs become heartfelt prayers for revival in the fullest sense of the word.