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Prayers for Anxious Days

How should we pray during anxious days? We need to be joyful and gentle, with prayer that overcomes anxiety, guarding against anxious thoughts and put our faith into practice!

Praying On Difficult Days

On difficult days, how do we pray and act to reveal the better story of the gospel? The Spirit helps us in our weakness and reminds us that we have a home, a hope and a help.

Prayer During A Crisis

When Peter was imprisoned, the church prayed with conviction and passion for his release and yet seemed astonished when he was. How do we pray when faced with a crisis? How do we make sense of both the answered and unanswered prayers?

Determined Prayer

Matthew’s gospel tells two stories of outsiders who come to Jesus determined and confident that he will do something incredible for someone they care about. Will we do the same for one another?

Prayer As Hope For Others

It’s easy to become discouraged when we don’t see the results of our prayers but, as the story of Abraham reminds us, we must take our place as priests who will intercede on behalf of the world.

Prayer: A Call To Trust-full Living

Psalm 23 is much more than a scripture to read at funerals. It’s a radical reminder that we pray to a God who is the shepherd of our lives.

Prayer As Hope

Paul’s prayer for the Ephesians reminds us of the core business of prayer – that we may know God better.

Praying In Times Of Political Uncertainty

In times of political upheaval and uncertainty, how should Christians pray? As we look to the early church fathers, we may be challenged by their example.

How To Pray On Difficult Days

How To Pray On Difficult Days

Even when we are facing the consequences of our own poor judgement, we can be sure that God is ready to lift up our heads to face the day.

Resources To Help You Pray For Politicians

Resources To Help You Pray For Politicians

We can feel confused and paralysed by where to begin praying for our politicians. To help you, we’ve collected together some useful resources to help you.

Prayer at Salford Elim

Prayer is really important, and we want it to undergird all that we do as a church and as individuals.

Do something new – Prayer

Prayer shapes us, teaches us to pray on behalf of others, and causes us to stop and listen. Let’s train our minds to pray with others in mind.