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Tag: Romans

Plans and People (Romans 15:14-16:27)

This week we came to the end of Romans, looking at Paul’s plans, and the people who mattered to him.

Who’s in charge? (Romans 13)

The temptation for some Christians is to think that what God’s really interested in is the inward life of his people. Romans 13 says that’s just not true.

Living different lives (Romans 12)

How our life together can make a difference in the world.

What about Israel? (Romans 11)

‘What about Israel?’ is a question Christians will argue over – sometimes furiously. In this sermon, we look at what Paul says.

Have God’s plans failed? (Romans 9-10)

At this point in the his letter to the Romans, Paul deals with the question, “So what about the Jews?”

Change that lasts (Romans 8:1-17)

One of the things that we all find ourselves wondering from time to time is: Can I change? The Bible suggests a clear answer: Yes, we can change!

Is freedom a possibility? (Romans 6:15-7:25)

How do we walk the line between Sin and Law? Is freedom a possibility?

This is the life (Romans 5:12-6:14)

Paul takes us back to why we got in a mess in the first place, and how we can get out of it, and stay out of it.

We’re all in it together (Romans 2:1-3:26)

How do we help ‘good’ people – and we all think we are those people – make sense of why we need to hear and respond to the claims of Jesus.

Where did it go wrong? 4 inconvenient truths (Romans 1:18-32)

4 inconvenient truths of the gospel – truths that don’t seem to fit in our world easily.

I am not ashamed… (Romans 1:1-17)

Paul starts this major letter with a really exciting exploration of what the gospel is.

God’s at work to bring about his plans

Paul’s letter to the Romans is the big one, written to a church that Paul hadn’t visited, and so wasn’t dealing with problems in the church.