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Being Called To Be Church – Changes That Start New Stories

These stories of Paul and Peter show how God speaks to each one of us differently and wraps us in to his ambitious plans.

This Sunday: Sharing our stories

This Sunday we’re not having a sermon. Instead, we’ll have a chance to share our stories of how God’s working in us and through us.

Annie's Story

Stories & Stones (Part 3) – Annie’s Story

In this final video in our series, Annie shares about her experiences over years, and how God has been there with her in everything.

Stories & Stones (Part 2) – Richard’s Story

Richard talks about his life before he knew God, how he then became a Christian, and how God has helped him through some very challenging times.

Stories & Stones (Part 1) – Barb’s Story

Barb talks about how her faith has helped her through some difficult times, and how it’s helping her now.

Two Very Moving Videos

I just stumbled across this story and it really moved me. Maybe it will help some of you…