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Tag: Stronger Together

Stronger Together – Jesus appointing the first leaders

Who were the women leaders in the early church & what does that mean for all of us – men and women?

Stronger Together – Jesus meeting the faithful ones

Jesus appointed the women to tell the men. Why the resurrection accounts were so outrageous and why they point to the accounts being true. (After all who would have invented the women telling the men?)

Stronger Together – Jesus honouring the outrageous one

What did she do that was so good? Why was Jesus so impressed by her? What are we supposed to remember? Jesus made this woman feel safe among the men.

Stronger Together – God in the mess of circumstances

Two Determined Women and One Good Man working together.

Stronger Together – God in the mess others made

Five overlooked women save a nation. God takes our everyday contributions and creates a new story for everyone.

Stronger Together – God in the mess we made

The pain we cause one another (men to women and women to women) in dysfunctional families, organisations and church, and God’s response.

Stronger Together – Both wounded. Both Healed.

Relationships between men and women can be complicated. The Garden Story in Genesis 3 explains why that is the case. But it doesn’t need to be the final word.

There is a new creation – and we are invited to be part of it – which affects everything, including our relationships with one another.

Stronger Together – Both wounded: What we lost

The loss of relationship, the curse of power between the genders and the victory that Jesus brings (the serpent is crushed). Why it all matters.

Stronger Together – Our new sermon series

Our sermon series during March and April will explore the ways that women and men can be stronger together, rather than suspicious of one another, or sidelined in power plays. It will have implications for our life together in church, the type of marriages we have and the way we act in the workplace.