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This is Jesus – The Nazarene

Jesus the Nazarene is the hope of the nations and the hope of us all, He has come that we may know freedom when all seems lost.

This is Jesus – Refugee Child

Jesus was a toddler whose family had to escape violence. Immanuel came to earth and one of the first things that he did was to join the long line of refugees…

This is Jesus – Shepherd-King

They came looking for a king. But they had no idea what sort of king he would be – or indeed the type of leadership/service he would ask of his followers.

This is Jesus – Immanuel

If you’re going to live well, you need to be able to understand Jesus profoundly.

Matthew wrote his gospel so that you wouldn’t have to guess, and this week we explore the two titles he introduces in his story of Jesus – Saviour and Immanuel.

If we can get to grips with these, they will change how we see life, those around us and ourselves.

This is Jesus – The Messiah

What’s Jesus being the Messiah got to do with COP26, your own very personal life and our life together as a church?

Much more than we might imagine…

‘This is Jesus’ – Our New Sermon Series

As we approach Christmas we prepare for the birth of a baby with a very common name: Jesus. There were hundreds of babies born that year with that name. But what the gospel writers make clear is that while this name matters, the titles of Jesus give us a bigger picture of who he is…