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Tag: Tough Questions

Tough Questions: Will You Abide In Jesus?

When the storms hit and you’re surrounded with uncertainty, you need to know how you will stand firm. John’s gospel offers the invitation that holds firm. If Jesus is like a tree, we can be like branches – so close, so connected, so aware of the life of Jesus flowing through us. Enough for the best of days and for the very worst of days.

Tough Questions: Will You Follow The Spirit?

Following Jesus is not about trying harder to be ‘good’. It’s not about being frigid or rigid or self-righteous or self-condemning. It’s about being so aware of the presence of God residing in your life by the Holy Spirit that the whole world seems like an adventure playground you can enjoy with God as you follow Jesus.

Tough Questions: What Do I Do With My Doubt?

Sometimes it feels like you are the only person sitting in the church with doubts. The next thought is to accuse yourself of being a hypocrite. The next move is to stop coming. Here’s the truth: you’re not the only one. You’re not a hypocrite and you shouldn’t leave. Doubt can be the gateway to deeper understanding.

Tough Questions: Will You Lay Down Your life?

They know what we want. We are bombarded by ads that are personalised. They all offer a better life, better stuff, better experiences. And the advertising world is right. We do want life to be better. We are tired of what we have been offered so far.

Jesus points the way to this blessed life. It’s remarkably simple to understand.

And extremely hard to do.

Are you ready to explore?