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Good Friday

When we think about the cross on Good Friday, it’s not just some religious activity that we engage with; it’s because we know that we’re set in motion by the power of the cross, we’re energised by it, we’re upheld by it, we’re guaranteed a future by it, we’re secured for the future because of it.

Good Friday is not the whole story, but it’s worth slowing down because it’s such a vital part of the the story.

Kids Resources: Palm Sunday & Good Friday

Some ideas of things for you to do with your children this week, in the absence of Kids Church. This week, Palm Sunday and Good Friday.

The Stations of the Cross

As part of our Good Friday service, some members of our church created a series of images to help us reflect on Jesus’ journey to the cross.

Our Good Friday service, followed by free coffee & cake at The Vine Cafe!

Details of our Good Friday service & more!

We're on the move!