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Sunday Playlist – Acts 4:1-31

As we begin a new week, I hope these songs that we didn’t get to use in our service will remind you that following Jesus is far from ‘safe’. It may not be easy but it is so incredibly good.

Sunday Playlist: Acts 3

In Acts 3 we meet a new character; a man had been isolated all of his life but became part of the community he’d always longed for.

Sunday Playlist: Acts 2:42-47

Today’s playlist reflects the short passage at the end of chapter of Acts chapter 2 which, after the incredible events of Pentecost, summarise the response of the first Christian community in Jerusalem.

Sunday Playlist: Songs for Acts 2:14-41

This week’s song choices reflect some of the themes found in the second part of Acts chapter 2 (the passage we looked at as a church this week).

Sunday Playlist: Songs for Acts 2:1-12

It’s my hope and prayer for you (and for myself) that these songs become heartfelt prayers for revival in the fullest sense of the word.

Sunday Playlist: Songs for Acts 1:12-26

One thing that Acts 1:12-26 has reminded me of is that God looks at people’s hearts, not their outward appearance, their reputation or their own sense of identity. Here are a few songs which explore this theme.

Sunday Playlist: Acts 1

As we remembered the greatest week in history on Easter Sunday, we now continue the story of how the risen Jesus changed the world, through his disciples and by his Spirit, as recorded in the book of Acts. Here are a few songs to kick us off on our journey.

Sunday Playlist: Songs for Easter Sunday

I could have picked a hundred songs and would still have only scratched the surface of attempts made to express the wonder and the glory of the weekend that changed the course of human history. Here’s just a small selection.

Sunday Playlist: Songs for Palm Sunday

Some songs which explore some of the aspects of Palm Sunday and, in particular, Luke’s account in chapter 19 of his gospel.

Sunday Playlist: Be Strong In The Lord And In His Mighty Power

After the first week of increased isolation and widespread fear in the UK, we are focusing on Paul’s letter to the Ephesian church, specifically chapter 6.

Sunday Playlist:Songs About
God's Faithfulness
and Purpose

Sunday Playlist: Songs About God’s Faithfulness and Purpose

Some songs which explore God’s faithfulness and purpose in uncertain times. They explore the theme in a variety of ways and will really encourage us.

Songs from Sunday

On Sunday we were asked if we could make the songs we sang on available. Here they are…