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1 Peter – Read along with us, and let us know your thoughts

Standing out

In our Sunday morning services at the moment, we’re looking at life through the lens of early Christians living in what is now called Turkey. In a world that felt alien, amongst people that they felt disconnected from, they needed help to know how to live their faith out. But Peter, the apostle, wanted more for them than just hanging in there. He wanted them to be communities that could share the good news they had received with others around them.

So read along with us. Add your thoughts in the comments section below as we go. Encourage one another. Raise the questions that might arise. All are welcome.

Here we go…

Who You Are And Where You Are

1 Peter 1:1-2 (22/4/2012)
God chooses us for His mission, we don’t choose God for ours. He places us where we can make a difference.

What you have been given in the gospel and how it shapes who we are

1 Peter 1:3-2:1 (29/4/2012)
We need to act out of the gospel first and then speak to ensure we have integrity.

Everyday Mission: Being a Missional Church

1 Peter 2:4-2:12 (13/5/2012)
Together we announce the good news of Jesus.

Everyday Mission: Mission in Society

1 Peter 2:11-2:25 (20/5/2012)
Separately we live as servants of God – different situations need us to act in different ways.

Everyday Mission: Mission at Home

1 Peter 3:1-7 (27/5/2012)
How is our faith shown in our home lives?

A Community With A Better Story

1 Peter 3:8-15 (10/6/2012)
How do we build a community with a better story?

There are two books you might find useful as we go through 1 Peter:

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