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Month: October 2011


British Summer Time Ends Tonight

Don’t forget to put your clocks back 1 hour tonight!

Salford Stories

Salford Stories

Salford Stories is organised by Dave King and The City Light Trust in association with churches across the city. Proclaim Trust founder Barry Woodward will be telling the story of his amazing transformation from drug addict to author, speaker and inspiring community leader.

The Vine Cafe Launch Night (1)

Some photos from The Vine Cafe’s launch night

Here’s a couple of photos from Friday night’s launch night at The Vine Cafe.

Video: The construction of The Vine Cafe

A great video showing all the hard work everyone put in to make The Vine Cafe happen.

God is not a white man

God is not a white man

A great little video that I just had to share.

The Vine Cafe

Official launch night of The Vine Cafe

This Friday (21st October), The Vine Cafe will be holding its official launch night, from 7pm to 10pm.

Shock as Jesus found outside a church

By now, I’m sure many of you will have seen news about the Occupy London Stock Exchange protests that started this weekend. I’m not going to get into the rights and wrongs of capitalism here, but I just thought I’d share a couple of things with you that really grabbed my attention.

David's secret weapon?

David’s secret weapon?

I just came across this picture and I had to share it with you – enjoy!

The valley of dry bones

Using the words of Ezekiel 37:1-14, this powerful video looks at the idea where there is death and exile, hope and life can be found.

This changes everything

Jesus said, ‘Love me first, then love others.’ And it’s easy for me to love Him, but the love I have for Christ must spill over to those I see every day…

Got a question?

Got a question?

Have you got a question that’s really bugging you? It may be related to some of the preaching we’ve had recently, maybe something you’ve seen in the news, or you may have more general issues you’d like to raise.

However you dress it up, Christmas starts with Christ.

However you dress it up… Christmas starts with Christ

Yes, I know it’s only October, but have recently unveiled their national advertising campaign for this year.

This year they’ve gone for a very simple but dramatic idea – the nativity re-set in modern professions and high street fashions.