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Month: February 2013

Is justice worth it?

Here’s the short video about justice that Neil used on Sunday.

Money matters | Leviticus 25

Leviticus 25 – Money matters

Leviticus 25 is one of the chapters in the Bible that demonstrates how differently we see life than the way God suggested it should be for his people.

Society matters | Leviticus 19

Leviticus 19 – Society matters

How does the Bible picture society?

The internet and our church

Last week I gave a short talk in our Sunday service about where we’re at with our website & social media. Here are a few key points from it that I’d like to share with you.

How do we make decisions?

Last week, some of the men in the church got together to talk about ‘How we make decisions’. I can hear the laughter from the women that know them only too well, as they ask ‘How to make decisions? What do any of you know about making decisions!’ Anyway, we had a great conversation about…
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Leviticus 18 | Sex matters

Leviticus 18 – Sex matters

Why sex matters, why it doesn’t have a life of its own, and why sex is not the only thing that matters.

Leviticus 18 | Sex matters

Sex matters – some resources to think further

Clearly there are lots of places where good, thoughtful arguments can be heard and engaged with about sexuality, so this can be the merest of signposts to some articles and pieces that I found helpful.

Alpha | Keep searching

Bear Grylls on how to survive The Alpha Course

Have you got worries about coming along to our next Alpha Course? Well help is on hand, as Bear Grylls gives his advice on how to survive…

Leviticus 16 | The Day of Atonement - one day like this!

Leviticus 16 – The Day of Atonement – One day like this!

How do you get right with God? How does God allow his justice and love to sit side by side?