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Month: April 2014

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May at Salford Elim Church

Get the latest news of what’s going on at Salford Elim Church.

Are we living for the mission of God?

I wrote this song with the question “Am I living for the mission of God or for myself?” in mind.

A quick thought about the Easter story

I was spending some time reading through the Easter story, and I was struck by a couple of verses.

Faith (Mark 16:9-20)

Faith in the Easter story.

People in 33AD knew that people didn’t rise from the dead – that would just be ridiculous…

There’s sometimes an assumption that people in Jesus’ time would have more readily believed that people could rise from the dead.

Faith filled prayer (Mark 11:1-25)

What did Jesus say about praying with faith?

Our Good Friday service, followed by free coffee & cake at The Vine Cafe!

Details of our Good Friday service & more!