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Are we living for the mission of God?

On Sunday, Mary will be speaking about the events which unfolded after the resurrection of Jesus and how his followers were charged with proclaiming the good news and making disciples. That was their new goal in life, what they would now be living for, their mission. The question I have to continually ask myself is: “Am I living for the mission of God or for myself?”

I wrote this song with that in mind and, if you want to live for God’s mission, then sing along!

Here are the words to help you:


You have called us out of darkness, from the shadows into glorious light
You have saved us from distraction, and have called us into action

Once we lived without a purpose, worked for money, thought about number one
Now we’re following the Saviour, love for God and for our neighbour


We are living for a mission, We are living for the mission of God
We have made a firm decision, We are living for your mission


Jesus open doors and windows, opportunities to share the good news
For your great plan of salvation is for reconciliation

Sin has caused a separation in the hearts of disobedient souls
Death has reigned supreme since Adam and you long to bridge the chasm


Why God would choose to use us, we’ll never know
A motley crew, His truth to share
As Christ’s ambassadors we are called to go and make disciples everywhere


Are you living for a mission?
Are you living for the mission of God?
Will you make a firm decision?
Are you living for the mission?

Download the song here.

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