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Month: September 2020

Midweek Musings – Rescued by a Second Chance

You might have let people down, but there’s a second chance for you…

The Threat Of Loss – Opening Doors To Others

Acts 15 is the story of the early church’s challenge.

Their challenge is not ours, but it does shed light on how we might be able to learn from them so that we can face our challenges well…

Sunday Playlist – The Threat Of Loss – Opening Doors To Others

It’s easy to think that healthy churches will never have disagreements. But that’s wrong. Every time God puts us in a new situation, opens up new doors of mission, or challenges us with new ideas, it’s easy for us to become defensive and controlling.

Midweek Musings – You Don’t Need That Hat

Some people in our church remember the old days. The days when keen churches, sincere churches, enthusiastic churches sure of the story of salvation and the offer that was open to all, had a row of hats resting on pegs in the church foyer…

The Threat Of Loss – The Only Way To New Life

Every breakthrough costs you something. Every situation that changes happens because someone has paid a price. It costs time, strength, emotions investment, money. Nothing is changed without the threat of loss…

Sunday Playlist – The Threat Of Loss – The Only Way To New Life

Paul’s first missionary journey took him into new situations that he couldn’t have imagined. But God was working through him.

It’s just the same today for us.

Here are my song choices for this week’s Sunday Playlist podcast episode…

Stay Home. Try Alpha Online

The Alpha Course is designed for those who want to explore the big questions of life in a relaxed environment where no questions are off limits. We watch a video about an aspect of the Christian faith and then discuss it – simple!

We’re offering two opportunities before Christmas via Zoom to do Alpha; one on a Tuesday evening (starts 29th September) and the other on a Thursday afternoon (starts 24th September).

Midweek Musings – Ready To Take The Hits

It’s not always easy standing apart from the existing culture. It can feel very uneasy. But it’s vital because Christians have to stay attached to a radically different story otherwise you will end up with a confused faith cut off from the power of the Spirit…

The Widening Story – Telling Our Story Well

We need security and we need leaders that we can trust. Especially when we face crises. Without these where do we turn?

People protest, they break laws, or simply put their heads down and do their best. But in the meantime, community crumbles.

We need more…

Sunday Playlist – The Widening Story – Telling Our Story Well

The early Christians had a better story to tell and they pass it to us to tell our own generation.

It’s a story that we all need to hear – again and again.

Here are my song choices for this week’s Sunday Playlist podcast episode…

Midweek Musings – Old Certainties and New Possibilities

We may not be in the same physical space with others as much as we might have been in the past, but we must be ready to go to those who are different from ourselves.

Otherwise we will miss out on God’s great adventure…

The Power Encounter – Dark Spiritual Powers

God wants us to be led by His Spirit – but it doesn’t mean you can’t make logical plans.

God wants you to be good news – but it doesn’t mean that you won’t find yourself in moments of confrontation…