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Month: April 2021

Midweek Musings – Rumours Of Angels

We should welcome strangers with open arms, because in the past some have met messengers of God (angels) without knowing it…

Offer Grace – Be Aware

There’s an art to living well amongst people you may differ with. Where do you draw the line? Do you need to draw a line?

It’s an age old problem for followers of Jesus and one Paul offered guidance about when he wrote to a small group of Christians in a large cosmopolitan Greek city.

His advice is still worth hearing…

Midweek Musings – Why Jesus Was Right About Football

The plan for a new European Super League is a good reminder how easy it is to leave Jesus-roots behind. It never happens overnight, it creeps up. But eventually you find yourself a long way from the Master

Offer Grace – Be Gracious

We’ve spent a good deal of time looking at how we offer hospitality to one another, but what does it look like to offer hospitality to those people we find difficult to deal with?

How can we change the story?

Midweek Musings – Neither An Amoeba Nor The Star

To badly paraphrase the psalmist, you are lower than the angels, but far above the amoebas. You’re the one that bears the glory of the creator, you’re the one known and seen and valued. You’re the one that may have been overlooked, whose contribution many only be truly recognised when you can’t offer it any longer.

Offer Grace – Be Generous

People are hungry. Hungry for change, for hope and sometimes for food.

It can feel hard to know how to respond.

If we follow Jesus, we can do what he did – feed them – and in so doing inherit the promises that come to this sort of life.

Midweek Musings – Australian birds, miracles and stories

What happens to a species if the music starts to die, or when their songs become corrupted or their singers have never heard the original tunes?

Share Grace – A New Future

Our Easter service, looking at what happened when Jesus met with Peter and other disciples, and the new future He offers.