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Month: February 2022

What You Need To Know (March 2022)

This is our monthly newsletter that highlights some of the things we want you to know about for the month ahead.

Stronger Together – Our new sermon series

Our sermon series during March and April will explore the ways that women and men can be stronger together, rather than suspicious of one another, or sidelined in power plays. It will have implications for our life together in church, the type of marriages we have and the way we act in the workplace.

Don’t Lose Heart

is happening internationally, and vital when a local church comes face to face with a tragic death. It’s a permanent challenge.

But the apostle Paul went ahead of us on days like these. He helps us keep our eyes fixed on the only true things – the things that are unseen.

And when we cannot tune in

There are times when we just can’t hear, and it may be that we are sure God is silent.

What do we do in these situations?

Tune in to Circumstances

Paul and his companions were stuck because of circumstances and they changed their plans because of that and a vision.

How do we know how to make sense of the circumstances we find ourselves in?

When should we press on regardless of roadblocks and when should we take stock?

Tune in for Others

Prophecy is for the sake of others. It’s a clear reminder that we listen to God because we are part of a community that we care for.

Hearing from God is not a personal luxury – it’s a church necessity.