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Month: May 2023

Pentecost Sunday

A joint Pentecost service with St James, as we celebrated this important event and prayed together that the Spirit will re-fill us all again.

Compassion Sunday

A chance to get some updates and insights from Luke Sharp into all that Compassion are doing at the moment.

Good News In The Season Of Storms: When Storms Cease

The most famous storm was a long one – 40 days of rain.

And one man and his family lived with the hope that one day it would cease.

His hope was not disappointed, the rains stopped and Noah and his family and the zoo he saved could live again.

But they had important lessons to learn when the sun came out again.

Good News In The Season Of Storms: What Storms Reveal About Discipleship

Jesus’ teaching about the wisdom we need to build into our lives offers us the only chance of surviving the storms that we cannot predict.

But if we build well, the houses of our lives will survive.

What You Need To Know (May 2023)

Some details of things that are happening over the next few weeks and months at Salford Elim Church.