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Month: July 2024

Church Away Day – 28th September

I hope everyone has heard about the church away day on Saturday 28th September 10:00am-8:00pm. For those who haven’t… We went last year to Barnstondale on the Wirral. It was such a success, so we thought we’d do it all again. For those who haven’t been, it’s based at an activity centre. We use a…
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The King’s Mission Continues

The story finishes in a similar way to how it started. Jesus comes to people who have messed up, who know they aren’t capable, who aren’t to be trusted and he restores purpose and personhood to them.

He did it then, and he still does.

The King’s Newness

Have you woken on a morning, blinked in the sunshine, and heard the birds knowing that today will be a good day? It’s Resurrection morning! The King offers us the power to live a new life in the sun.

The King Is Crowned (2)

What’s your addiction? What do you take or do that quietens the restlessness,the discontent or the fear? Have the short-term fixes become your master now? Can Jesus set us free from addictive behaviours?

What You Need To Know (July & August 2024)

Details of what’s going on at Salford Elim Church over the next few weeks, and also further into 2024, along with some other useful links…