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24/7 Prayer 2010

24/7 Prayer 2010

After the success of last year’s 24/7 prayer event, we’re holding another week of continual prayer in the church from 4th – 10th July. We’ve invited other churches from across our city to join us as we pray for Salford, for the Kingdom of God, for the church and for each other.

Last year it was exciting to see people and churches from across Salford all uniting to pray for the city, the Kingdom and each other, and we really encourage you to get involved with this event.

The Salford 24/7 Prayer Week starts this Sunday, and this is your chance to sign up! Just send us an email, letting us know which slots you’d like to come for (please include a telephone number too, in case we need to contact you).

As you can see, some slots have already gone, and we’ve only got certain slots next week, because other parts of the week have been allocated to other churches across Salford.

So sign up quick to make sure you get the slot you want (first come, first served!)

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
12am-1am Bev Nadine John K John K
1am-2am Mary Nadine Maggie Neil
2am-3am Mary Bev Neil Neil
3am-4am Rosie Bev Neil Mary
4am-5am Rosie Esther Debbie Mary
5am-6am Nadine Annie Debbie Mary
6am-7am Maggie Ste
7am-8am Breakfast

G Jones
(Guided Prayer)

8am-9am Esther John & Joy
9am-10am Olive & Brian
10am-11am Shirley Sandra Brenda & Corrine
11am-12pm Brenda & Corinne Joyce Brenda & Corrine
12pm-1pm Joan, Vera & Jean Frank Pat
1pm-2pm Val Dawn Frank
2pm-3pm Nadine Bev
3pm-4pm Nadine James Bev
4pm-5pm Rosie Bev
5pm-6pm Jackie Helen
6pm-7pm Claire G & S Jones
7pm-8pm Worship Worship & Guided Prayer
8pm-9pm Worship Worship & Guided Prayer
9pm-10pm Maggie Ruth Pat Matt
10pm-11pm Mike Kathryn & John John B Mark & Lesley
11pm-12am Bev Kathryn & John John B Mark & Lesley
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