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What will God do: God will give us a better leader (Micah 5:2-5)

God will give us a better leader

This Sunday, Jemima Tregilgas was dedicated. Dedications offer parents a chance to not only give thanks for their children, but to dedicate them to God and His purposes. It suggests that there is another way of looking at life, other than the one that is commonly accepted. It assumes that God is wanting to do something in his world. It assumes that he hasn’t given up on the world.

Micah offered hope to a beleaguered people by telling them that God would send them a new King, one who would lead them with justice and would give them safety. We still want leaders like that, but how do we enter that sort of world. How do we invite Jemima to see such a world? This week we will begin to think it through together.

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