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Advent: Love (Day 3)

John became a Christian in 1979. In the early 1980s the church he attended was exploring inner healing of past hurts. This was a type of counselling session. The person was encouraged to go back in their memory to situations where there was perceived hurt. They then prayed about the situation, asking God to bring healing.

John underwent a session with two people from the church and hurts in his early years came to light and were prayed over. This was beneficial, but at the end of the session John was feeling emotionally drained and there was a realisation that another session was needed. Unfortunately at that time a date could not be offered.

John came home to his wife and he related what happened. His wife was very angry that they had not given a new date, but John was chilled about it.

Two weeks later there was a men’s evening with a special guest, Dave Bryant. Dave talked about his faith and sang songs from his album “God likes me”. Throughout the evening John had a real sense that past hurts were being healed in a miraculous way particularly with the song “Lord don’t ever let me go”. John had a real deepening of his faith, realisation of God’s love for him, God’s acceptance of him as he is and consequently John was able to be more secure in himself. This evening made the second session unnecessary and in a gentle remarkable way lasting deep inner healing took place.

John and his wife are both grateful for the work of God that night. They came to realise how gracious God is, his timing is perfect and at times we just have to be patient and wait for His timing.


Lord Don’t Ever Let Me Go

by Dave Bryant

Your love for me is a mystery
And I don’t understand
How you can keep on loving me exactly as I am
Though I may not understand you
One thing I know
You are all my heart desires
Lord don’t ever let me go.

You’re precious
Always near to me
And I am feeling sure
That you will never
Never let me down
I know that I’m secure
Though I may not understand you
One thing I know
You are all my heart desires
Lord don’t ever let me go.

And in those times
When I have let you down
You’re never standing far away
All I have to do is turn my face to you
To find where love and mercy lay
And your forgiveness
Floods my being
A river deep and wide
A stream of living water
Flows from deep inside
And I still don’t understand you
But this I know
You’ll always be my heart’s desire
I can’t ever let you go.

Lord don’t ever let me go.

(shared by John)

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