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Advent: Love (Day 5)


Listening to this song reminds me of what advent is really about… the waiting for the coming.

The sacrifices that were made by, not only God, but by a certain young girl who was given the most amazing, yet terrifying, task. Her sacrifice of worship totally broke with what was socially accepted, it meant that she was outcast, this was a difficult place for her to be in, a hostile environment but she accepted the task without question. She gave everything she had, possibly losing her fiancé, her family, any social standing she had.

All because she was asked to do something for God.

This act of wholehearted worship is somehow echoed in Mark 14 where the woman breaks the Alabaster jar of perfume and washed Jesus’ feet, this was not an easy place to be in, this was not socially acceptable and was questioned, why would you “waste” a years wages by pouring it out in the form of perfume. But there is a beauty in this reckless, sacrificial outpouring, just as the Alabaster jar was broken Mary also gave all that she had, her whole being, and what if she hadn’t?

It’s at this time of year that edges can get particularly frayed with all the to do lists and should do lists and places to be. But the whole point of this is LOVE.

So find a little calm and remember what this season is really about and turn your daily lists into acts of worship lists, turn it into a labour of love.

(written by Hannah Maylor)

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