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Author: Neil Hudson

The Other Side of the Good News

Larry Dixon, an American lecturer in theology, has written a comprehensive defence of the traditional belief in the conscious eternal punishment of the unbeliever in hell. This doctrine has been discussed amongst evangelicals in recent years and Dixon interacts with some of the most notable revisionists. The book quotes from a wide range of authors…
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Divorce and Remarriage in the Church

Many of the books written about marriage and divorce seem to only deal with the few texts in the New Testament and seem to be unable to take into account some of the tragedies that surround the state of marriages today. This book, based on Old Testament teaching as well as the New Testament writings,…
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The Power of Proclamation

This small book reprises one of Derek Prince’s major ministry themes. He believes that the actual words of the Bible have a power to transform situations when they are memorised and repeated out loud. This rests on the underlying belief that words have the power to change situations, whether of lack, defeat or sadness and…
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Designers of the Future

This is a balanced book that takes seriously the Biblical teaching about being created in the image of God and the fact that we have the technology to engage in stem cell research and cloning. Jones, a New Zealand professor, believes that serious Christian thinking has to be done in the midst of these medical…
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Christians, Muslims, and Islamic Rage

The past two years have seen an unprecedented amount of new literature appearing about Islam, particularly examining the terrorism associated with some of the Islamic groups. In spite of this, many opinions are formed on flimsy foundations. We are affected by the latest items on the news rather than understanding the bigger picture. Catherwood has…
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Cracking Da Vinci’s Code

The Da Vinci Code has been one of this year’s international bestsellers. A supposed account of the discovery of the ‘real’ story about Jesus: it suggests Jesus was human not divine, married Mary Magdalene, left behind a Holy Grail. This book responds to the myths with the historical facts about Jesus. It will be of…
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When You Can’t Pray

Discussion points about the book ‘When You Can’t Pray’

Our Pentecostal Heritage

You will never know where you are going, until you know where you came from. British Pentecostal’s past development and future challenges by Neil Hudson One hundred years ago, the thought that there would be a new grouping within Evangelicalism that would spread throughout the world with a rate of growth that in certain places…
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by Neil Hudson (originally aired on BBC GMR, May 2007) My father in law is 75 years old and he is waiting for news of when he can start attending a new class he has to enrol in. When I first heard him tell me what the class was for, I have to admit that…
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Easter – an inconvenient day

Easter Sunday is a bit of a nuisance for some people.

Religious Hatred v Love

by Neil Hudson (originally aired on BBC GMR, February 2006) The last seven days has been another example of the news being dominated by religion. The beginning of the week saw strange alliances coming together to fight for what was seen to be free speech linked to the Racial and Religious Hatred Bill. Many Christians…
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The Best Things In Life

by Neil Hudson (originally aired on BBC GMR, July 2005) The best things in life always look least impressive and are summed up in the least number of words. Compare the understated elegance of handsome men or beautiful women which wins out over overblown bling-bling each time. Think about the single gold band round a…
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