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Author: Neil Hudson

Week of Prayer: Tuesday’s Prayer Point

Pray for the children attached to our church: for the children in our families, for the children who come to Kidz Klub and the young people’s group on Tuesday evenings.

Pray for all those in the church who work with children in education.

Pray that our families will be strong and secure.

Week of Prayer: Monday’s Prayer Point

Pray for the church as we are scattered across the city – we are at work, in shops, with friends and those we care for.

Pray that we will make a difference in all of these places. Pray that our lives as disciples reflect the god news that we have received in Jesus.

An introduction to The Lord’s Prayer

A quick introduction to my sermon series on The Lord’s Prayer.

Week of Prayer: Sunday’s Prayer Point

Pray for our life together as church – that we will know God’s presence and power when we meet together; that our relationships will grow deeper together; that we will see the church grow.

Neil’s Hopes & Dreams for 2012 [#HD12]

My hopes & dreams, and also some challenges, for 2012.

The Bible – from Creation to New Creation

Over the past 12 months we have organised our monthly all-age worship services around retelling the story of the Bible – from Creation to New Creation in 11 steps.

Got a question?

Got a question?

Have you got a question that’s really bugging you? It may be related to some of the preaching we’ve had recently, maybe something you’ve seen in the news, or you may have more general issues you’d like to raise.


Whole Life Disciples

A few weeks ago, I was asked by my colleagues at work (LICC) to write a piece about how I prepare sermons that aim to encourage people to grow as whole life disciples. They then asked to interview a few people about their reactions to this. The results are included in June’s ‘EG Magazine’. I…
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In 1 Peter 2:13-17 it states, “Submit yourselves for the Lord’s sake to every authority instituted among men…” Where should Christians stand on political protests seeking regime change, such as those seen in Tunisia & Egypt recently?

This is an interesting question because it kind of assumes that we aren’t normally, whereas I would want to suggest that every time we pray the Lord’s prayer – ‘May your kingdom come, may your will be done’ we are making both a protest against the existing ruling authorities – especially of they are unjust…
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Focus For 2011

New year is a good time to get into some good habits – detox from too much eating and lying around, time to get the blood circulating again. One of the ways you can get some help for this is by following a prayer plan; at least for a while.

The Nativity

From 20 December there will be a series of programmes on BBC1 about the Nativity. This is what one church leader has written about it.

‘Thanks A Lot’

On Sunday we spent some time thinking about the power of thankfulness – the way it gives us a bigger sense of who God is, the way it makes each of us feel more valued, and the way that ultimately being thanked and giving thanks brings wholeness to us. So when I read this today,…
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