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Ecclesiastes – all the sermons

Feeling pessimistic

Feeling pessimisticOver the last few weeks, we’ve been going through Ecclesiastes in our Sunday morning services. We’ve now collected these together on this one page, so that you can listen again to what was said.

1: Life In A Meaningless World

The preacher begins the book with an overview of his story – he’s looked all around and can find no sense of purpose anywhere. There’s a glimpse of God there, but it all feels futile. Is he a pessimist or a faithful realist? How does Ecclesiastes help followers of Jesus make sense of their lives and the culture around them?

2: A Season For Everything

How do we make sense of the changing seasons around us?

3: Two Traps, One Tip

What are some of the traps we can fall into when worshipping God?

4: Do It Now!

The preacher finishes Ecclesiastes by encouraging the young to seize opportunities for happiness, involvement and a relationship with God – now.  Don’t put it off.  Live well and live free from care.  Even in the midst of everything changing and nothing staying the same.

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