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February at Salford Elim

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Growing stronger

The leadership of the church is structured around two interlocking groups;

  • A Governing Body, that oversees the big picture of the church, and to whom Neil, Mary, and Ian are directly accountable
  • A Strategic Leadership Team, whose task it is to address specific issues, and come up with plans that mean the church runs effectively

Both teams met recently.  Neil, Mary, and Ian presented reflections to the Governing Body on their own areas of responsibility, with their hopes for the future and received helpful feedback and advice from the group.

The Strategic Leadership Team met to consider how we can help one another connect more effectively outside of Sunday mornings.  This is an inevitable challenge as the church continues to grow.  It is always important that good relationships are formed between us.  Two decisions were taken.

  1. Throughout the year there will be a number of one-off events that will give as many people as want to the opportunity to meet together in a number of different ways. We hope this will lead to stronger relationships.
  2. The other decision was that another housegroup would be developed for people to belong to during the week.  More details will follow about this as firm plans are developed.

Film night

Saturday 28th February, 4.30pm

This film night will be appropriate for everyone – children and adult alike. It’ll be a chance to get together & spend time with people you might not always see, and enjoy a good funny film at the same time, so come & join us! (Film will start 5pm prompt!)

The Vine Cafe

We’re really pleased with the way the cafe has been developing in the community over the last year. Our hearts are to build relationships with those who live around us or we even live by!

One of the challenges we face is staffing; for anything to run smoothly, and for us to stay on top of things, we need people who will give a couple of hours to either serve, wash dishes, pop in and tidy the cupboard, clean the windows, keep the shelving clean and clutter free, etc.

This isn’t because we’re lazy(!), but more because when we’re short staffed, it’s difficult to stay on top of everything.

Please speak with Mary if you have some spare time.

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