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February at Salford Elim

Message From Natalie

Thanks to everyone for your welcome and encouragements, it is really helping me to settle in.

I’m trying to get to know as many people as I can, and I’ll be around and available for coffee and a catch up Wednesday – Friday.

If you have any needs and would like personal prayer please do let me know.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you and growing together.

Alpha Course

Got questions about life | Alpha

It has been some time since we have run an Alpha course, or something similar at church. Well that is about to change.

Starting on the 13th March at The Vine, we will be starting an Alpha course.

This cannot be run without you. You can help by offering your services, whether that be someone to come and make drinks, serve cakes, lead the small discussion groups, or even bring friends or family to take part in the different sessions.

Please speak to Rob if you are interested in helping.

Also if you would like to be part of the course and find out more about Jesus, please speak to Rob as well.

Gospel Of Mark

We hope you’re enjoying getting to grips with Mark’s gospel on Sundays.

If you want to read along with the sermons, you might find the following books helpful:

What do you think?

Before Christmas we had 4 Thursdays together looking at how we can make sense of the Bible.

We have another series of Theology Thursdays coming up. They will be on 23 March, 30 March and 6 April.

We have lots of ideas of what we could do.

We could take time to look more closely at some of the themes that we begin looking at on Sundays: what does the kingdom of God look like in practice, the place of deliverance in our lives, the challenge of healing, how to build community.
OR we could look at a different Bible book in some detail.
OR we could look at understanding how we are the products of church history.
OR we could look at growing in confidence on prayer, or evangelism.
OR we could think about work, and how we make sense of issues we face there.

The big question is: what would help you most?

Can you contact Neil and let him know please?


We are planning to baptise some folk in the months to come. If you want to explore whether this is the next step for you, please talk with Natalie.

Neil In February

Neil would really appreciate it if you could pray for him from time to time during February. Like many people, he has times when there’s a pinch point. This month is one of these times.

There’s a lot of travelling, and then from 13-25 Feb he’ll be in America in 4 places: Atlanta, Boston, Denver, Colorado. It sounds exciting – in reality it is just being with Christians inside lots of different churches!

Please pray that he’ll be helpful to the leaders he meets there.

Big Church Day(s) Out

On 2-3 June there is a Christian music festival being held at Capesthorne Hall, near Macclesfield.

The lineup includes Bethel Music, Rend Collective, Casting Crowns, Tim Hughes etc etc. It’s the first time that this has been held in the North.

The adult tickets are £44 each for the two days. Have a look at the Big Church Day Out website if you are interested.

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