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Healing and Suffering

For Pentecostals, the expectation that healing should be part of our experience of God is at the heart of our faith. Many of us can testify that God does remarkable things with people, transforming situations by healing those who are sick. However, we also know the pain of seeing the unhealed and having to engage in careful thinking about the reasons for this.

Keith Warrington, lecturer in New Testament Studies at Regents Theological College, Nantwich, has spent a lot of time examining both Biblical teaching and contemporary practice and has produced a book that is accessible, readable, wise and usable by pastors, housegroup leaders and members of our churches. Basing each chapter on Biblical accounts, he leads the reader through the very common questions that are always asked: ‘Why doesn’t God heal everyone’, ‘Is it true that more healings happen in non-Western countries?’, ‘Is healing in the atonement?’, as well as questions you may not have heard addressed: ‘Why did Jesus use spittle to heal?’, ‘Why is there only one account of an exorcism in Acts?’, and in James why does he include a story about Elijah when it has nothing to do with healing?

The book is necessary reading for all involved in ministry – it is affirming, scholarly, user-friendly and addresses the real issues. The book is also priced very reasonably. Buy it!

Review written by Neil Hudson, Elim pastor & church consultant

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