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Let’s tell our story… (a thought from the #DigiManc conference)


#DigiMancAs some of you may know, I spent Friday at the #DigiManc conference, which had the aim of helping unlock the potential of social media for the local church.

There were lots of excellent speakers, sharing from their experience and expertise, across a broad range of topics. Including PR staff, a BBC radio broadcaster, a video production company, and even a church minister! I’ve come away from the conference with the seeds of some new ideas and inspiration, and over the coming weeks and months hopefully you’ll see the fruits of these.

I also did a fair bit of tweeting during the conference (as you may have expected), sharing things that were said and some thoughts that I had throughout the day, and so  did many other people. If you want to get a flavour of the various topics covered, with thoughts from a wide-range of people, I’d thoroughly recommend checking out the #DigiManc stream on Twitter (you don’t even need a Twitter account to do this).

However, there is one recurring theme I’d really like to share with you from #DigiManc, which was brought up by several speakers throughout the day. Social media is about sharing a story; our story. As webmaster I’m here to help do this, but this website and our social media content is not about me telling my story.

I’d love for you to get involved in helping tell our story, whether that’s writing a short article, sharing something creative you’ve made, or anything else you want to share. I’d love to hear from you, no matter what you’ve got to share, so please get in touch and help me do this.

This is our church, with a story to share that is about all of us; so let’s do it!

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