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March at Salford Elim

New to Salford Elim?

Some of you might feel quite new to church. We want to give you an opportunity to find out more about us, and ask questions so that you can feel at home with us.  There will be a session for those who want to take part on Sunday 22 March when, during the service, there will be a chance for people to go into a smaller group to get to know more about us.  If you know you would like to be part of that group, please see Neil, Mary, or Ian.

Prayer Week

We want to invite you to be part of a Prayer Week in church from Palm Sunday (29 March) through to Good Friday (3 April).  We will have more details for you as we get closer to it, but there will be ways to connect our prayers together during that week.

Easter weekend

There will be a Good Friday service on Friday 3 April at 10.30am.

Then after the service we will go on a gentle walk together.  It will be child friendly and not-very-fit friendly.  It is the hope that lots of us would go together and we will get chance to chat to one another in ways that don’t often happen in the normal run of events. It will not involve hills nor will it be a long way.  But I am sure it will be fun.  Bring some sandwiches.  More details when we have finalise where we are actually going!

On Easter Day, we will have our First Service at 9.30, and then the All Age service at 10.30.

Looking ahead

For those that like to read ahead, after Easter we will be beginning a series on the book of Ezekiel.  It’s a big book, but it is also a book that introduces us to the awesome God who is at work – even when his people are in uncomfortable exile fro their own land.  God is bigger than our boundaries.

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