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Midweek Musings – Coldplay and The Longing For More

Every generation has music bands it’s not cool to like. When I was at school, you couldn’t say you liked Karen Carpenter’s voice, or the pop tunes of Abba. If you did, you would be shamed.

If you’re older than me, it will have been others. For at least some of you it will have been Coldplay.

They have never been at the cutting edge of musical culture, and their music isn’t particularly challenging. It’s music for Radio 2 and all the family. Nothing wrong with that. But nothing startling.

Except this fact.

In 2016, they were the first band to have headlined Glastonbury four times.

I’ve never been to Glastonbury. When I was younger I didn’t have the money, now I might have the money I need better toilet facilities! The idea of queuing with 200,000 people lost its appeal a while ago.

But what is clear is that Glastonbury (and a lot of the other summer music festivals) are about much more than music. I think it taps into a longing we all have for ‘something more’. It’s almost like Coldplay and Glastonbury were made for each other.

When you get a moment (or 5 minutes!) watch this clip of Coldplay in 2016. 

Everyone singing a secular hymn, hands raised, flags waving. Did you feel any tingles?

Is this what a ‘spiritual but not religious’ crowd looks like?

Would Paul have recognised the Glastonbury crowd as the ancestors of the people of Athens all those years ago (Acts 17)? Would he have known how to use the lyrics of Coldplay, Stormzy and Elbow to connect their deepest longings with Jesus? I have every confidence he would.

What he saw in Athens and what we see today reminds us that we live in a God-haunted age.

We can tell ourselves that the folks we know and love aren’t interested in the big questions of life, that somehow what we have found that makes sense of everything would not be of interest to anyone else. So we keep it private, like some unwanted virus that is not to be spread, as though God is not at work.

Maybe it’s easier to find evangelistic courage when we remember that God has already been ahead of us. Whether it’s in the intellectual surroundings of Athenian philosophers or in a muddy field in Glastonbury or in an office in Manchester.

He is a God who ‘is not far from any one of us.’ (Acts 17:27)


Faith in Jesus is not an insurance policy that will guard you from anything going wrong. As Christians we navigate all the things that life throws at us in the same way as everyone else has to do. The promise we carry is that we are never alone. This week we have the chance to hear from Hannah who in the midst of life-changing news is learning what it means to follow Jesus when everything changes.


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