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Neil’s Hopes & Dreams for 2012 [#HD12]

Hopes & Dreams

Looking forwardThe danger is that we all end up on hobby horses when we start talking about hopes and dreams.

But in terms of church, my hopes would be simply be that all of us who are committed to one another in church will have the joy of living full lives as disciples.

That each of us will take risks with people, offering love, generosity and good news to people who we wonder about how they will receive us.

That we will see a wave of people searching for meaning in life and that we’ll be able to point them to Jesus.

Challenges Ahead

The challenge for every church is always related to relationships. It’s important to realise that everyone around is dealing with their own strains and stresses, therefore we need to care for one another and take care with one another. This is very different from walking on eggshells.

It’s about not jumping to conclusions that may be wrong.

It’s about thinking the best about each other.

It’s about loving one another.

And of course this is not just about church folks, it’s about the way we treat our families, our friends and our husbands and wives.

There will be other challenges – but most of the rest are simple to face compared to relationships. Let’s live carefully and lovingly.

Don’t forget to come to our Prayer and Worship Meetings on Saturday 7th January and Thursday 12th January at church, 7:30pm, where we can share anything we feel God is saying and to seek God for the year ahead.

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