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If You Could Ask God One Question…

…what would you ask? [vimeo]5557620[/vimeo] Click here for details of our next Alpha Course

What Is The Church?

A short video entitled ‘What Is The Church?’

Thought for the Week – World Cup 2010

(originally aired on BBC Radio Manchester, 13th June 2010) I think I first heard it last Saturday outside Tesco in Prestwich. Three lads messing about making a real racket. I think they’d just bought The Sun and got 3 free plastic horns. And so, reasonably enough, they were trying them out. It sounded fairly horrible.…
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Praying Beyond The Sick List

Prayer’s something lost of us need to practice a bit harder!   We can be sure that God hears, it’s just that we are not always certain what to ask.  I came across an article that I found helpful.  It suggests that: Sometimes we ask God to change our circumstances—heal the sick, give us daily…
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A Thought About The General Election

How do we engage with elections and politics as Christians? What does the Bible say about politics? How should we pray about elections?

Jesus’ Alternative Election Strategy

Over the course of this election campaign, there has been a lot of discussion around where the three major political parties stand on Christian values & morals, including the Westminster2010 Declaration of Christian Conscience, Christians in Politics, and a series of short pieces by Christians who support the different parties published by The Times, stating why…
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Marriage – What Did You Expect?

For most people on their wedding days they have made the most effort for a one day event that they will ever make.  People fly in from around the world, huge amounts of money is invested, we look the best we can.  And then the next morning we wake up married!!! Follow the link below…
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Konnekt… to Life

A team of 20 Konnekt to Life volunteers, some social workers, trained teachers, youth workers and parents, are going to deliver an accredited teenage pregnancy/sex education programme on the De La Salle campus of Salford City College. This programme is a pilot project, and the report will be written once all the evaluation forms are…
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We’re going to be looking at the book of Ruth for the next few weeks.  These articles might help you to reflect on what might be happening in this short book, and why it might be applicable to us today. Bible studies on Ruth #1 Bible studies on Ruth #2 Bible studies on Ruth #3…
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Theology Matters

Theology sometimes gets a bad reception in some churches.  None of us want to get involved in the dry and duty theological arguments that don’t seem to matter at all, but good theology helps us to pray, worship and hear from God.  This is a clip that emphasises this really helpfully. [vimeo]8788549[/vimeo]

General Election 2010

In a couple of weeks’ time we will have a new government, and for the first time in over a decade there is real uncertainty about who this will be.  You might find these sites helpful to your thinking, as you decide how to vote. Faith and Elections Christians In Politics Evangelical Alliance – General…
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A Prayer…

Below is a copy of the prayer that Nadine wrote & shared during our “Coming To The Cross” 24/2 prayer, for you to read and reflect on. Lord, You have searched me and You know me. You know the temptations I battle with, the pain I’ve suffered, the loss I live with and the sins…
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