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Wedding Rings

Wedding RingsI was fortunate enough to be asked to walk a couple through their wedding day. They were getting married down south, and wanted to stay ahead of the game with what was going to happen on the day.

So for two evenings I took them over to the church and went through the ceremony. These two people were not Christians, and being the ‘forever interested’ I asked them, “Why church?”

The answers ticked all the boxes… want God to bless their lives together, eventually they want children and baptism for them. These are not the wrong answers, but there is so much more.

I talked to them about marriage and how that reflects something of God in their community, how God can help and hold them through the difficult seasons of marriage.

My prayer for them is they come to know God and the grace He offers.

I read an article called 18 Lessons From 18 Years of Marriage today and wondered if it might help one or two people, as you continue to work out a life time relationship with one another.

I would suggest that this is a list which has developed over the years, as they have learned more about each other.

Marriage is a gift… enjoy it!

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