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November at Salford Elim

Church Meeting

We want to invite everyone to stay behind after the service on Sunday 20 November for us to be able to have our annual meeting together. It’s a chance for us to report on some of the things we have been involved with, decisions we have been grappling with, the state of the church’s finances etc.

If you have questions or thoughts that you would love us to respond to and you know it would be helpful for us to have them beforehand, please let Neil, or one of the Governing Body know.

The Governing Body is Arthur Whillans, Gill Oldham, Pearl King and Frank Walsh.

Theology Thursdays

We start a short series of 4 Theology Thursdays on 17 November at 7.30pm in the church. We will be looking at the Bible – how to read it, how to hear it, how to go deeper into it, how to understand how it took shape.

In order to help Neil prepare for the series, it would help if you could let him know some thoughts about some of the questions you have about the Bible, what sorts of things would it be particularly helpful to have covered together, what would make you more confident in reading it on your own, or any other things that you would find helpful for us to cover together.

Rob’s new chapter

On Sunday 13 November we will be commissioning Rob to his new role in church as Leader for Mission and Evangelism.

After a long time waiting, he will begin his new role as a prison chaplain at HMP Manchester (Strangeways) a move that has meant he can take up the part-time (one day a week) role with us.

Please pray for him and Susie as the changes happen – that they will know God’s blessing and that Rob will see fruitfulness in all he is doing.

Christmas Alive in the park

We have been really encouraged by the invitation that the Friends of Light oaks Park have extended to us to be part of their Christmas event in the park on Sunday 18 December.

Some of the organising committee have come along to our Christmas Alive events in the past and would love us to present this in the park as part of their own event.

It’s a great opportunity for us to work with the local community. And at their summer event they had around a 1000 people coming along! It could be our biggest Christmas Alive yet.

We will get more details to you as we develop the plans. But block the date and time – we will need all hands on deck.

Rob will be taking a lead in this, so if he comes to ask you for help, be very kind to him! We will be asking for donations of mince pies as well, if it is helpful to begin stockpiling.

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