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October at Salford Elim


Thanks to everyone who helped with the weekend away.  We had a great time together.

For those who drove others there, looked after children, played in the worship band, shared thoughts and words, got involved in the talent evening, served drinks, you were all great.

We must do it again sometime!


We want to build up a team of people who will commit regularly to pray for situations that arise in the church.  

We can do that together in two gatherings: 

There is a time of prayer at 9.30am on Sunday mornings led by Corinne in the small church office, though if more of you come we will move the venue.

On Friday mornings there is a group of people who pray together.  Again, talk to Corinne if you want to be included in this group.

Rosie heads up gathering prayer requests.  Many of you have alerted us to the things that are happening and Rosie is able to let others know. She will put many of the general prayer requests on the Beyond Sunday Facebook group.

If you don’t use Facebook but want to be included in the weekly requests, then talk to her about the best way to get that information.

We also have a smaller team of people who will pray for more confidential topics.  Again if you want to be included in that group, please contact Rosie.

Midweek Gatherings in October

On Wed 12 Oct the book group will meet at 8pm in The Vine.  The book they will be discussing this time is Tim Keller’s book, Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God.

On Wed 19 October, in The Vine at 7.30pm , there will be a prayer evening. We have a few key things that we need to pray through as a church – come along and get involved.

On Wed 26 October in The Vine there is a meeting for the women in the church.  It starts at 7.30pm.  See Susie for more details.

Coming Up

We are proposing running a set of ‘Going Deeper’ workshops this academic year. 

The first will be for 4 Thursday nights, beginning on Thursday 17 November through to Thursday 8 December.

The topic will be: ‘Making sense of Scripture’

We will look at issues like, ‘How can you be sure the Bible is trustworthy’, ‘How did the Bible get to us?’ ‘How do we interpret it?’, ‘How do you grow in confidence as a reader?’, How do you make sense of stories such as Adam and Eve, the Flood, Jonah and the Whale, the miracles, sections like the Law or the vision books like Daniel and Revelation. 

The first two will be geared to people who feel they need to get to grips with the basics or want to have a refresher course.

The second two will be for those who are a little more confident at reading the Bible. Hope fully they will be helpful for everyone.

Each session will have some input and then time for discussion and exercises together.

We want to know that there will be enough interest in this to make it worth running, so if you are interested in coming to the set of 4 evenings, please see Neil or Ian.

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