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We’re on the move…

We will be moving to St. James on Eccles Old Road, once we begin to meet again in person as a church. We’re aware that you’re likely to have questions about this move, both about our onsite worship and online worship, so we’ve put together an FAQ below that we hope will address them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will we begin holding services in St. James?

Our first onsite service at St. James will be on Sunday 6th June.

2. What time will we meet?

The service times will be 11.30-12.40. We hope this helps children not get so hungry that they meltdown or eat siblings!

3. What will our services look like?

We will have a new monthly pattern. We won’t have communion every week, that will be once a month. Each month we will also have a focus on prayer and ministry, time for testimonies and to reflect on the sermon. This won’t be a straitjacket for us, but will give a shape to each month.

With a shorter service this will mean we won’t feel rushed each week trying to focus on too many things at the same time.

4. Is there any car parking?

There is parking onsite, but come early – the car park might get congested. If you want to park on the road, you can on Lancaster Road near the playing fields. If the car park is full you can use the hospital one round the corner on Stott Lane.

5. What will happen with Junior Church?

For the month of June, we will all be together. They will not be all-age services, but there will be activity sheets for children to work on during the sermon time. You might want to bring some quieter activities for them to use if they get bored.

We’ve done this for two reasons. It’s been around 15 months since we last met and now we are in a new building. We felt that children might feel more secure getting used to the new space before being separated from families. And (practically) they are working on the hall of the minor hall and it’s not finished yet.

6. What do I need to know to be Covid-safe?

  • We need to wear face masks in church (hopefully only until 21 June)
  • We need to be sensitive with one another’s personal space – don’t get too close and don’t hug one another
  • We will use QR Track & Trace – or take a note that you were with us
  • We won’t be able to sing as a congregation (hopefully only until 21 June)
  • The church will be cooler than you are used to – wear layers!
  • It’s better to chat outside with one another (in the sun hopefully!)
  • Use the sanitisers that will be there
  • And, obviously, don’t come if you feel unwell

7. Will I still be able to join the service online?

From Sunday 6th June we won’t be using Zoom on a Sunday morning any longer. From that Sunday onwards, if you want to join us online then go to We’ll open the chat there 10 minutes before the service for us to greet each other, and you’ll be also able to share your thoughts and comments with us throughout the service.

You can also ‘catch up’ on our recorded services at

8. Does this mean we are leaving the Height? What about the Vine?

The work of the Vine will develop over the coming months. It will no longer be a trading café, but will become a community hub, offering space for people to meet, take part of different groups, receive the hospitality that we can offer there. We want our mission influence to extend.

If there are things that we have missed, don’t hesitate to ask!

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