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Summer sermons

Missed a sermon over the summer holidays? We’ve collected them all together below for you to listen to.

Dreams: God at work in the midst of a dysfunctional family

Genesis 37
Steve Hollick: 24th July 2016

Joseph’s dreams didn’t come true for many years, and that may be true for us too.

Integrity: Who we are when no-one is looking

Genesis 39
Chris Elsdon: 31st July 2016

Joseph’s integrity earned him favour and responsibility in Egypt, but it also landed him in trouble! Are we willing to be faithful to God, even when nobody is watching?

Power: The danger of having the upper hand

Genesis 42
Neil Hudson: 14th August 2016

Did Joseph use his great power for good, or had he allowed the culture of Egypt to shape him in such a way that he forgot his God?

Reconciliation: Creative Peacemaking

Genesis 44-45
Ian Peacock: 21st August 2016

Joseph forgives, blesses, and takes the opportunity to be reconciled to the brothers who hurt him badly. What does the bible teach about forgiveness and reconciliation and how should we respond?

Providence: God was there all along

Genesis 48-52
Arthur Whillans; 28th August 2016

Who’s really in control of the world? Is it people? Is it fate? Is it random chance? Or is it God? How do we make sense of things going wrong in our lives?

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