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Tag: So what did you expect?

So what did you expect when you were given more responsibilities?

When God chooses to do something new for the world, he chooses people. People who are often put in positions that feel uncomfortable, that feel like it’s not possible to survive.

So what did you expect when you got married?

Our lives are built around expectations at the different stages of our lives. Our resilience is developed as life occasionally fails to live up to expectations.

So what did you expect singleness to look like?

We expect love to lead to partners for life, but it may not have done, or the partner left us, or died and we ended up single… How do we make sense of that?

So what did you expect when you became a Christian?

How does the reality of being a Christian compare to your expectations?

So what did you expect?

Our next series of sermons, starting in September, will examine the deep expectations that people have of God and their Christian faith and life.

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