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The Power of Proclamation

This small book reprises one of Derek Prince’s major ministry themes. He believes that the actual words of the Bible have a power to transform situations when they are memorised and repeated out loud. This rests on the underlying belief that words have the power to change situations, whether of lack, defeat or sadness and that the Bible is the appropriate tool to use to this end since the Bible is the Word of God.

For many Christians, who would see only partial truths in this teaching, this book will not prove to be convincing. Of the 110 pages, only 43 are dedicated to the explanation, the majority of the book comprising Bible verses that can be quoted.

In that light, even for those fully convinced by the teaching, the book does not appear to be good value for money.

Derek Prince has had a long and distinguished ministry, influencing many to walk closer to the Lord. I’m afraid that I suspect that this little book will add little for those who have found his ministry helpful thus far.

Review written by Neil Hudson, Elim pastor & church consultant

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