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What You Need To Know – Our Latest News (12th July 2021)

Here is your start-of-the-week newsletter. It should have all you need to know about what’s happening amongst us. And a quick look should mean you are updated each week.

Coming Up

Our Sunday Gatherings

We want to invite you to pray together before the service. From 11am there will be chance to gather together in the small room at the front of the church. It would be great if you could be there.

If you can’t be with us onsite 11.30am at St James, you can also join us online at, including a live chat so that you can be part of our service and interact with us live.

After each service there will be chance to be prayed with personally in the side chapel. If you have been part of the prayer team, or would like to pray with people, let Neil know.

What will be happening on Sundays in July

Sunday 18 July: Interview with Ian and Morag. They have been with us for 10 years. That’s worth celebrating. Steve will be preaching.
Sunday 25 July: Prayer & Ministry – a chance for us to have more time to offer prayer to those needing God to act. Ian will be preaching

A full programme of children’s activities and service has begun again

Next Sunday (18th July)

We have some exciting news to share with you about our life together going forwards and would love to invite you to stay behind next Sunday’s service for 15 minutes so we can explain what is happening.

From 19th July: Everything changes

As you all now from the 19th July, the laws around distancing and face covering will be dissolved. It’s all down to individual responsibility now.

So we need to think what we will do in church.

This is our plan from Sunday 25 July:

  1. We will no longer be taking your names and contact details as you arrive.
  2. Because we know that some people will still be very cautious, we ask that while moving around the church we all continue to wear masks.
  3. If you want to continue to wear masks during the service and be with people who sing with masks on that you sit on the left hand side of the church as you come in.
    If you want to sit with people who take masks off, that you sit on the right hand side of the church.
  4. That we all stay sensitive to giving people space and distance.
  5. We will review this at the end of August.

Car Parking

A quick reminder that there is a small car park onsite at St James, but if you find this is full you can also park on Lancaster Road (do check the signs, but the single yellow lines there aren’t in force on a Sunday). If you’d prefer to park in a car park than on a road, you can also pay to use the hospital one round the corner on Stott Lane if the church’s car park is full.

Getting Involved in the New Phase of Church

Now that we have moved back to onsite worship there are lots of opportunities to be involved in the ministry of the church.

You might be wondering where you fit into the church after all this time of scattered worship. You might wonder where your gifts and passions fit in. Or you might just want to know how you can serve generally.

Please talk to us – we want to help you feel confident in knowing how your gifts can be a blessing to us all.

We need particular help with these areas:

People who will learn how to stream the services online. This is an easy process, you will be taught, and it will mean that those who watch online can continue to be part of us. Talk to Ian.

We need someone who will lead a Cleaning Team. We have said that we would clean the church and hall once a month. We need someone who will be the leader of this team. Is that you? Talk to Neil.

People who will be involved with Kids Church. If this is you, please talk with Morag.

Everyone is new to church again! So don’t think that you have not been here long enough!

An Offer of Counselling Support

One of the ministries we have as a church is the Community Counselling Service. During this Covid crisis we have continued to offer Counselling remotely via zoom or telephone. There are however, limitations with remote sessions.

We are now offering Walk And Talk Counselling to anyone from church who would benefit from counselling or those known to church members. We would agree a time to meet at the Tea Kiosk in Lightoaks Park and would walk at a slow pace for the 50 minute session.

If you feel you would benefit from this please don’t hesitate to contact Judith Thompson, Neil, or Ian or fill in the form on the church website.

Looking for Help

Yvonne and Martin run a food-poverty programme, Salford Food Parcels. They would be grateful if there are any of you available to deliver parcels to people who are unable to get to their offices on Langworthy Road. Please contact them if you are able to help.

Midweek Gatherings

1. This Thursday: Housegroups

This is the evening when we get together in smaller groups.  If you want to connect, let Neil know and he will send you the links.

Looking ahead there will be no Thursday night prayer meetings or housegroups during August. Things will start again by an In-person Praise and Prophecy evening on Thursday 2 September. More details to follow.

2. Prayer Meeting: Friday at 10.30-12.00 on Whats App

Contact Corinne Baines or Gill Oldham and they’ll make sure you are able to connect.

3. Young Adults group (18-25-ish!)

If you fall into this age band and want to connect with others, you will be really welcome to turn up at these events:

For more details contact Alex and Andrew

On Friday 9th July, 7:30pm: Garden Gathering (Alex and Andrew’s house in Salford)
Saturday 17th July, 1pm: Picnic in the park (Location TBC)

4. The Vine Community Hub

We’ve been opened a couple of weeks now and have been really encouraged by the numbers of people who have dropped in. This is a space for us all to use – if you want to meet together, or you would be willing to volunteer, or if there are groups you want to be a part of. There is a full outline of what is happening in the Vine on the church’s calendar on our website.

At the moment it is open Monday-Friday from 10.00 – 2.30. It’s a place to have a drink, meet people, and have a chat. There will always be someone there that you can chat with, so feel free to just drop in.

5. The LifeCentre

The LifeCentre, run by Langworthy Community Church, is overseeing the delivery of 15 centres offering holiday clubs Monday-Thursday 9.30-3.30, from 26 July for 4 weeks.

They have paid employees working on this project but are looking for 2 or 3 volunteers who would be willing to give some regular time (from one day a week upwards) to sit with quieter kids, do some 1-1 work, read with kids, or be involved in the sports and other activities. If you could give some time, could you contact

If in doubt

All the links to the meetings are in Church Suite and on the events calendar section of our church website.

You’re not alone

If you need help and don’t know where to turn, you are always welcome to contact Neil on 07771 558058.

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