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Kids Resources – Acts 16:16-40

This week we are carrying on looking at Acts; this time chapter 16:16-40 with Paul and Silas in prison.

Here are a range of resources to help your child/ren read and learn from this Bible story.

Uncomfortable Mission – When It’s Unclear

A mixed race man, a group unsure why their plans had been disrupted, a meeting with a woman outside a city.

Luke paints a series of small portraits of people making sense of life as God opens up something that none of them could have anticipated.

God does lead us, but sometimes we need to train ourselves to make sense of what He is opening up for us…

Midweek Musings – The Blessing of Being Mixed-Race

We live in our different cultural contexts as teachers, volunteers in the community, hands-on grandparents, NHS workers, office workers, warehouse operators but we are there as Jesus-followers. We know these situations. We speak their language, share the culture, know what matters there. But we are also Christians…

Kids Resources – Acts 16:1-15

This week we’re looking the story of Lydia in Acts 16, a businesswoman who sells purple cloths, things and dyes!

The Threat Of Loss – Taking A Risk Of Trust

With each step forward that the mission took, it feels as though there were forces pushing back. Sometimes the opposition was obvious, things were threatened because of internal relationships. Paul and Barnabas had a massive, full on shouting row about a young man, John Mark who had left them. Barnabas wanted to give him a second chance, Paul thought that would be unwise.

How do we make sense of the moments where we know we have really messed up and need to be given another chance? How do we know when to give people a chance?

Midweek Musings – Rescued by a Second Chance

You might have let people down, but there’s a second chance for you…

Kids Resources – Acts 15:36-41

This week we will be focusing on the last few verses of Chapter 15 and the topic of disagreement, a subject I’m sure we have little to no experience in…

The Threat Of Loss – Opening Doors To Others

Acts 15 is the story of the early church’s challenge.

Their challenge is not ours, but it does shed light on how we might be able to learn from them so that we can face our challenges well…

Sunday Playlist – The Threat Of Loss – Opening Doors To Others

It’s easy to think that healthy churches will never have disagreements. But that’s wrong. Every time God puts us in a new situation, opens up new doors of mission, or challenges us with new ideas, it’s easy for us to become defensive and controlling.

Midweek Musings – You Don’t Need That Hat

Some people in our church remember the old days. The days when keen churches, sincere churches, enthusiastic churches sure of the story of salvation and the offer that was open to all, had a row of hats resting on pegs in the church foyer…

Kids Resources – Acts 15

This week we are carrying on looking at Acts; this time chapter 15.

Here are a range of resources to help your child/ren read and learn from this Bible story.

The Threat Of Loss – The Only Way To New Life

Every breakthrough costs you something. Every situation that changes happens because someone has paid a price. It costs time, strength, emotions investment, money. Nothing is changed without the threat of loss…