Midweek Musings – Developing A Healthy Life

This year we are going to need the strength that God can give to live well. That won’t happen just by hoping. I’m going to need to keep doing the things that I know will make the difference. And I need to start now.

Kids Resources (January 2021)

Here are the resources for the month of January. The idea is, rather than the weekly resources I was doing, once a month I will put something out that links to the main Sunday services where possible, and you can use this with your children at any point over the month. Please feel free to use whatever bits you want, whenever suits you best.

It’s Not Too Late. It’s Not Too Soon.

We may feel it’s too late for something to happen, or that things have happened too soon for us.

But God holds our future, holds our past, and holds us today. We need to learn to put our time in His hands.

Christmas Changes Everything

The good news of Christmas was for people who felt undervalued, overlooked and not particularly significant.

News that a saviour is born, change is here and that everything can be different.

It still is…

The Good News of Christmas

Jesus came for everyone who feels forgotten, everyone who feels on the outside of society, for those who worry that they’re not good enough for God.

God doesn’t love us because of anything we’ve done. He loves us because of His lavish grace.

Midweek Musings: It Begins With Yes

Our conversation drew to a close. There was a pregnant pause. I waited. She said yes. She understood little of what would follow…

Midweek Musings – It Begins Small

Christmas used to begin with the film of the Coca Cola Truck arriving on TV. This year Christmas begins with the delivery of the vaccines that just might change everything.

But like many things it all began in relative obscurity…

Following Jesus With Tears

If you’re never going to see someone again, you think hard about what to say. You say what matters, and you might say it with tears.

Paul speaks to a group of leaders and through them to the church and reminds them of what is really important – both then and now.

And he says it with tears.

Midweek Musings – Tears That Water Hope

Advent is the season when we remind ourselves that hope for the world came with the relief of an exhausted mum hearing her new-born child crying. As every mother knows, those angry tears are the sign that there’s life, that things are well, that there is hope. Jesus came into the world crying so that our tears could have hope.

Midweek Musings – Dropping Off During The Sermon

Don’t assume things are ok, don’t let people edge away, don’t forget people. Take the risk of looking like you’ve overreacted by calling the folk who come to mind. You might just stop someone falling…

Midweek Musings – The Rewilding Of The Church

It’s possible to accept all the truths of the Christian faith, to try and live it all out, to know that God loves you and wants his best for you and still miss out on the very life of God that he promises.

Being filled with the Spirit is not about a one-off event in a worship service somewhere, it’s a permanent prayer for the everyday life. It’s about allowing yourself to be open to God and his gifts so that something new can begin, something beyond our imaginations.

Midweek Musings – The Humility Of The Wise

If we want to be wise, we’ll learn humility. Because if we don’t, there’s every likelihood that we’ll be humbled.

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