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A new song: The Lord Laughs (Why Do The Nations)

Neil will be preaching from Psalm 2 next Sunday, and here’s a song I’ve written based on it, which I plan to introduce as part of the service.

You can listen to a rough demo below, and the lyrics are also below.

Not sure about you, but it makes me smile to think of God laughing… But is it a maniacal, hearty, or sniggering type of laugh? Hmm…

The Lord Laughs (Why Do The Nations)

Verse 1

Why do the nations, why do the nations rage?
Seeking wealth, taking land, wars to wage
Why do the people, why do the people scheme?
Stand against and persecute those who believe
Don’t they know that…


The Lord laughs at the arrogance of governments and kings
Who believe they have no need of God or the wisdom that He brings
And the Lord scoffs at the plans of man, how His awesome wrath will burn
Though the evil gain for a little while, peace and justice will return
When His kingdom comes on earth

Verse 2

So may we serve Him with reverence and fear
Nations come as sons and daughters to draw near
And let us bow down and humbly kiss His feet
The judge who sits high upon the mercy seat
Don’t you know that…

Repeat Chorus

Middle 8

Blessed are all who take refuge in Him, living for Jesus the king (repeat)

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