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Contemporary Christmas Songs

As Christmas is almost upon us, we want to introduce a couple of contemporary songs which, in addition to the familiar carols, help express the wonder of God’s great salvation plan.

At a time when many singers and songwriters record rearrangements of carols, a collection of songwriters who go by the name of Resound Worship, have written and recorded some fresh expressions of the Christmas message. The album can be downloaded or bought on CD, if you follow the links below to the songs we are introducing.

The first one is a round (three different parts sung at the same time), which many of the kids will know and can help teach (hopefully!):

Wonderful Counsellor

This is one we did last year, and is a great anthemic song:

On Christmas Day

These two are completely new to us at Salford Elim:

Lift Up Your Eyes

What Kind Of Throne

Have a listen, and remind yourself of the wonder of the true meaning of Christmas.

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