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Easter Prayer Week – Day 2

Luke 19:45-48; 21:1-4

In cleaning out the Temple, Jesus is reclaiming it. He wants it to serve the real purpose of being a place where people from all nations can encounter God, not a place where the few make money out of the many.

But those of us who are most likely to go to temples, are most likely to misunderstand what God values.

  • He values prayer, not our attempt to make things happen;
  • He values including others, not just staying with people we feel comfortable with;
  • He values our generosity, not the actual amount we can give;
  • He values people who have nothing that they think will impress him.

Maybe there is a moment for prayers of repentance: “I’m sorry Lord for the things I’ve made it (worship), when it’s all about you, all about you Jesus.”

Maybe there is a moment for commitment: I will give you myself.

Maybe there is a prayer for creative wisdom: Lord how can our church become more like the place you would want it to be?

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