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Easter Prayer Week – Day 3

John 13:1-17

Can you imagine the scene: Jesus strips off his clothing, gets the wash bowl out, kneels at your feet and washes all the dirt from them, and then gently dries them. And you are embarrassed because you had decided that it was beneath your dignity to do this for the others that are at the table with you. The room goes quiet and everyone knows that they could have, should have, done this.

But you were all too proud.

  • Would you want Jesus to stop?
  • Would you let him wash your feet?
  • Would you understand that he is able to deal with the dirt you picked up today?

No secrets. No shame. No pride. Just openness.

Willing to let Jesus wash the dirt away. Willing to do that for others. Ready to serve. Ready to let others know they are accepted. Ready to cover for them.

It could be the way you deal with things that others tell you; it could be the common tasks that you do without complaining; it could be the way you serve without feeling big-headed or like a martyr.

It could be the Jesus way.

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