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Easter Prayer Week – Day 6

Luke 23: 50-56

Joseph hadn’t been able to stop the decisions of the council, hadn’t been able to stop the crucifixion. But he did what he could – he offered his own family tomb for Jesus. He could risk the shame of going to Pilate and identify himself with the dead criminal.

Maybe Pilate wasn’t bothered. What danger is a dead criminal?

The women had nothing to do except prepare the spices to anoint his body.

There was nowhere to go, nothing to do.

But like the flowers that have been hidden all winter that begin to spring up in unexpected places, something was going to happen that would take the world by surprise.

Today is a rest day. But tomorrow is coming.

Today you might not go far. But tomorrow you will be sent to tell everyone you know the good news.

Today you think you know how this story ends; tomorrow you will be absolutely amazed.

Maybe today is a good day to think through all the things that you feel certain about; the things that seem to have died; the things you have resigned yourself to.

And bring to God and ask: is it really all over yet? Or are you, Father, going to do something that is so -unexpected?

Today you may think the story is finished; tomorrow you may find you were wrong: it’s just beginning.

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