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Hearing God’s Heartbeat – an introduction to our new series

Jesus looked at a group of men and women gathered around him and announced to any who would hear, that these people were the salt of the earth. That they would make a difference as their influence was scattered through their lives. He knew that together they offered a chance for the whole world to see new possibilities: they were like a city on a hill, or the light of the world. Shining brightly in the midst of darkness, offering a new perspective on the whole of life.

And Jesus still looks at similarly ordinary people and declares that they can be so much more than they expect.

God has always intended this for his people – that they would be loyal to his ways, and so demonstrate an alternative life to everyone.

And yet….

We often fail to live this out.

Starting on Sunday 18th May, we’ll be looking at the book of Micah over a few weeks, a prophet that God sent to Israel around 715 BC. His message is amazingly contemporary – because human nature doesn’t change much. We still want God on our terms, we want religion to do us good, we easily forget about others. And so we still need prophets to speak to us. But the good news is that God doesn’t change either. It’s true – injustice still grieves him and causes anger in his heart. But he is also a God who offers his people a future, hope and forgiveness.

As we read and reflect on Micah’s message, we may need to change the way we live in some ways.

We may need to turn around around from some attitudes and actions.

We may need to pray.

We may need to regain hope in a God who has not finished with us, or his world, just yet.

Links to the sermons

  1. What has grieved God: Worship has become idolatry (Micah 1:1-9)
  2. What has grieved God: Security has become complacency (Micah 2:1-3:12)
  3. What will God do: God will give us a better future (Micah 4:1-8)
  4. What will God do: God will give us a better leader (Micah 5:2-5)
  5. What does God ask of us: Walk humbly with me (Micah 6:1-8)
  6. What does God ask of us: Pray hopefully (Micah 7:1-20)
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